This group will meet weekly to offer ongoing support for participants who have completed mindfulness group programs or for those who practice mindfulness on a regular basis.  This weekly space will provide an opportunity to be part of the mindfulness community.

What it involves?

Mindfulness teacher will guide formal practice and inquire into practice to suit group individual needs. The duration of these sessions will be around 45 to 60 minutes each week.

What do I learn?

The Intention of this program is to offer a space to nurture, deepen practice in the context of being part of the mindfulness community.

Some aspects that might be incorporated in one -one session: “Formal” Mindfulness Meditation:  Body Scan Meditation, Body Movement Meditation, Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation, etc.

Integrating practice into daily life. Deeping reflection in practice. To support taking care of self. To support current health challenges. Improving the overall quality of life. To nurturing qualities of practice such as kindness, Compassion, etc.

Who can benefit?

Individuals who wish to deepen their practice being part of the mindfulness community.

How much it Cost?

One Hour Session, 10 Euros/Session,

Register for weekly sessions.